The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has passed a ban on handheld mobile devices – cell phones.  The ban includes all devices that the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) defines as commercial mobile radio services – two way radios, with the exception of CB radios, push to talk devices, etc. This ban is an extension of the texting ban.  This ban restricts a Commercial Motor more.

Great news for Comdata Express cardholders! You can now check your account balance, transaction activity & up to 14 months of account history online. To get set up please go to and click on "click to register." 

Use your card number and activation code (employee number) to set up your account profile along with your Username & Password.  Complete your account profile as directed.  Once registered you will recieve a confirmation message to let you know you have successfully completed the activation process.  If you need further assistance please call the Comdata Customer Service at

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Effective immediately, any current Contractor (Referring Contractor) who brings a new contractor into the Berger fleet will be paid a bonus of 2% of the Referring Contractor’s household goods line-haul revenue (as defined in the ICOA).   The 2% will be paid from the time the new contractor is qualified (and available for dispatch) to the time the new contractor is either disqualified, unavailable for dispatch, the new contractor’s ICOA terminates or the end of 2012 (when this program ends) more.

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Berger Fun Factoid:
In 1919 the earliest gas price known was $0.25 per gallon. The average regular gasoline prices for March of 2010 was $2.75 while diesel was $2.90!

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